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Ben Prendergast is an Australian actor (SAG-AFTRA) based in Los Angeles. Known for his incredible work across film, tv, theatre, animation and video games, he is set to explode in 2025 with a starring role in Universal/Blumhouse “Wolf Man” (with Julia Garner and Christopher Abbott). He is also set to appear in 2024 projects such as Taika Waititi’s “Interior Chinatown“, and Zack Snyder’s “Twilight of the Gods“, and the much anticipated Netflix series “Tombraider: The Adventures of Lara Croft“.

His previous screen credits in the USA and Australia include: Predestination (with Ethan Hawke), Preacher (AMC), The Frontier (NBC), Offspring (Network 10), Doctor Blake (ABC), and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries (ABC) among others.

However he has an avid fanbase in the video game world, after starring roles as the Norse god of war Tyr in Sony’s  game-of-the-year-nominated “God of War: Ragnarök“, Fuse in Electronic Arts blockbuster “Apex Legends“, Patroclus in Game of the Year “Hades“, and the Blood Knight in Blizzard’s “Diablo“.

Prior to his move to the US, Ben had a significant career in the theatre, winning best-actor at the 2016 Green Room Awards (Australia’s Tony equivalent) for his performance in the monodrama Sea Wall. His other stage credits include The Distance for Melbourne Theatre Company, The Flick for Queensland Theatre Company, The One for 45 Downstairs, Dreamsong the Musical for Theatreworks, and numerous productions for the Red Stitch Actors Theatre where he holds a coveted ensemble member position and has performed in The Antipodes, Incognito, Uncle Vanya, Dead Centre/Sea Wall, The Flick, The Flock and the Nest, NSFW, Straight, Midsummer, and The Pride.



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