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  • The Age – Grand Questions Swirl in this acting masterclass (Review) ★★★★

    Link to Article This production is an acting masterclass…the ensemble of four performs with impressive clarity and precision, distinguishing multiple characters He then called on the crowd to ‘stand on the shoulders of our great artists past, on the shoulders of our great women, our inspiring Indigenous, our brilliant filmmakers and technicians, and create works…

  • Stage Whispers – Sea Wall (Review) ★★★★★

    Link to ArticleThis is very special theatre…a production of sheer perfection. I have rarely seen an audience so still, so moved by a performance which is essentially low key and without Mr Prendergast’s usual charisma. I myself couldn’t stop the mascara from running….fortunately the male audience members with tears in their eyes were not wearing mascara.…

  • The Sydney Morning Herald – Dead Centre / Sea Wall (Review) ★★★★

    Link to Article Alex (Ben Prendergast), softly spoken and, like his estranged wife, stoic to a fault, he nonetheless churns with barely concealed rage and anguish. It’s a brilliantly sustained piece of domestic horror. 

  • ArtsHub – The Flick (Review) ★★★★☆

    Link to Article The Flick very much represents the epitome of theatre. The cast are brilliant in their roles, subtly displaying these aching affections with utmost sincerity. Prendergast is a delight to watch, and his desperate attempts to gain Rose’s attention is both heartbreaking and endearing.

  • Aussie Theatre – Midsummer (Review) ★★★★☆

    Link to Article Ella Caldwell and Ben Prendergast’s performances are touching and real, and so very funny. Midsummer is as welcome and gorgeous as a warm turquoise day under a shady tree with a shamelessly expensive picnic basket with your best friends, and your favourite musician turns up with a guitar.