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  • Herald Sun – The Flick (Review) “revelatory”

    Link to Article The cast is revelatory, Prendergast resists the very easy temptation to make Sam a creepy loser, instead conjuring a man shackled to his own existence, searching for an out. This is Red Stitch’s finest work in recent memory and, as three-hour stints in movie theatres go, this one’s totally worth it.

  • Stage Whispers – NSFW (Review) ★★★★

    Link to ArticleThe dazzling Ben Prendergast brings us editor/magazine chief Aidan; driven, hungry, ruthless but with a tiny streak of decency…or is it merely self-preservation? Prendergast’s presence is always compelling; he’s an actor of authority with an anarchic edge bubbling just beneath the charm, whatever the role. Here, a monumental battle of great acting. It’s…

  • Crikey – Straight (Review) ★★★★

    Link to ArticleThe final scene was a brilliant and sensitive piece of comic acting by the male leads Ryan Gibson and the wonderful Ben Prendergast. At one point, I almost fell out of my seat with laughter during a set piece involving what looked like an exploding tube of lubricant.

  • Herald Sun – Midsummer (Review) ★★★★

    Link to Article Midsummer is enough to make anyone want to hightail it to Edinburgh as soon as the lights come up, because life’s little debacles have never looked so fun as they do when Helena and Bob are trying to survive them.

  • Vulture Mag – Midsummer (Review) ★★★★

    Link to Article This Vulture got her moment in the sun in an unexpected cameo performance (sans notebook) and has decided to give away the writing and defect to the theatre. Preferably with the gorgeous Mr Prendergast. An uncanny likeness to Ewan McGregor, enhanced by a pretty authentic Scottish accent, did this young man no…

  • Aussie Theatre – Midsummer (Review) ★★★★☆

    Link to Article Ella Caldwell and Ben Prendergast’s performances are touching and real, and so very funny. Midsummer is as welcome and gorgeous as a warm turquoise day under a shady tree with a shamelessly expensive picnic basket with your best friends, and your favourite musician turns up with a guitar.